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Top Solid & Engineered Hardwood USA Flooring Raleigh

Looking to add a rich sense of warmth, classic elegance, and suppleness to your home? Look no further than hardwood! To get hardwood flooring to stand the test of time in our Raleigh climate, so it is crucial to choose the right species of timber
and to make sure that it is appropriately acclimated and set up.
Flooring in Raleigh North Carolina is a classic, beautiful and elegant choice for any home. From national styles to exotics and from solids to engineered, you have so many beautiful and practical options among the most incredible things about working with hardwood.
We are here to ensure you get the floor that will look and perform its best - for the long run!
Before some setup work begins, our installation professionals can see your house take measurements, and feel for the distance. In this appointment, be sure to ask any questions you might have about the procedure or the installation deadline. Generally, when the flooring Raleigh North Carolina installation has begun, that place will be off-limits until the setup is complete, keeping this in mind when planning.



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Let Us Modernize Your Wood Stairs: Wood Stairs Raleigh 

A stunning staircase is truly a head-turner. When you get to a place where there is a grandiose staircase, you cannot help but be impressed. A grand staircase can enormously improve your home's aesthetics. Unquestionably, it is a trademark of a luxurious home. Though the stairs can be a great asset to your home, they can also be an essential concern if not managed accordingly. The wood stairs design is second to none in many homes around the country. Wood Stairs Raleigh possesses a bizarre charm that is exceptional to any other stairs material. The innate allure of wood in a home is so classy and attractive, which is why most homeowners prefer a wood stair.

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Best Varieties of Wood in Making a Staircase Design

1. Red Oak
Because of its abundant and forgiving nature, the red oak is considered the most common species for wood stairs in the U.S. It is also one of the easiest to stain, sand, and finish. Some of the most popular items made out of this wood are the red oak handrails and treads.
2. White Oak
Compared to its cousin -- the red oak, the white oak is more complicated and far better in being water-resistant. As to its look, it appears to be grayer with a greenish tint and a swirling pattern.
3. Ash
It has many things in common with the oak. However, its closed grain pattern is somewhat more apparent. You can save money if you choose this over oak, only that you may also find yourself spending more on the making since one of the challenges for this wood is the crafting.
4. American Cherry
This variety is deeply loved for lending an heirloom quality to the stairs and their parts. Compared to others, this one is a softer wood, but it is strong enough for crafting long-lasting stairs.
5. Brazilian Cherry
Almost have the same quality as that of the American cherry. However, what makes it distinct is its beautiful reddish-brown tone which emanates richness. It is quite complex and heavy. You can guarantee that it will last long in suitable condition if you choose this wood.
6. African Mahogany
African mahogany is very light-weight but is also very tough. It is one of the most valued species. However, according to artisans, with the high-end look of its fine grain and the way it ages, it is undoubtedly worth the price.
7. Cypress
As compared with most softwoods, cypress is deemed more vital. It is light-weight, fine-grained, holds paint, and finishes astonishingly. Cypress is considered an excellent staircase wood.

Selecting the right staircase for your house may be a little challenging. Should you consider using ceramic or tiles? Or should you go for the wood staircase Raleigh type? There are valuable points to choose wood stairs:

Natural Beauty. Wooden staircases have the beauty that can improve the overall aesthetics of your house. Just remember to choose a suitable material and style.
Inexpensive Repairs. In case it breaks, repairs are more affordable compared to other materials.
Comfort. It gives a warm feeling to your house and is more welcoming.
Long-lasting. With our expertise, we can make the wooden staircase last for many years.
Focal Point. It gives stunning impressions to your friends and guests.
Adds Value. It adds value to your house in the marketplace.

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A wood staircase enhances the beauty of your house. Contact Wood Stair Raleigh and get a free quote, and we would love to lend you our expertise and bring the best to your house.