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Looking to add a rich sense of warmth, classic elegance, and suppleness to your home? Look no further than hardwood! To get hardwood flooring to stand the test of time in our Raleigh climate, so it is crucial to choose the right species of timber
and to make sure that it is appropriately acclimated and set up.
Flooring in Raleigh North Carolina is a classic, beautiful and elegant choice for any home. From national styles to exotics and from solids to engineered, you have so many beautiful and practical options among the most incredible things about working with hardwood.
We are here to ensure you get the floor that will look and perform its best - for the long run!
Before some setup work begins, our installation professionals can see your house take measurements, and feel for the distance. In this appointment, be sure to ask any questions you might have about the procedure or the installation deadline. Generally, when the flooring Raleigh North Carolina installation has begun, that place will be off-limits until the setup is complete, keeping this in mind when planning.



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Nothing compares to hardwood floors’ stunning texture and timeless durability for premium natural beauty and incredible resale value for your home. You will also have the opportunity to re-sand and refinish genuine hardwood flooring multiple times, restoring their luster if your busy family generates a few scratches and nicks over recent years. Which kind of hardwood will be the best for your energetic bunch? As per our expert Raleigh flooring contractor, here are some terrific hardwood aspects to consider!

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Check for Hardness & Durability
Without a doubt, you will prize the durability that allows hardwood floors to deal with the adventures in your property. The hardness factor will change among wood species, which means that some species are more durable than others and, therefore, a better fit for households. Hickory is one of the most challenging domestic wood species, followed by national Walnut and Walnut. You may look for the Raleigh flooring experts hardwood merchandise page for those species that will offer the level of durability you're looking for.
Consider the Style
A hardwood flooring will inevitably obtain some scratches over the decades, but the design you buy will help your home look blemish-free for longer. Think about choosing hardwood styles with a high degree of graining if you're concerned with scratches and dents. Hickory and Red Walnut are two outstanding examples of species that will help camouflage imperfections, and hickory offers a broader color variant. You can also explore our hardwood inspiration gallery to get ideas of using light-colored hardwood floors that hide scratches well. Natural, airy colors aren't only in style, but they are also an excellent match for a home with children!

Maintenance Required
With kids, a more low-maintenance flooring is better. For instance, Brazilian Walnut requires very little therapy and is more resistant to both pet and moisture damage. If you choose lighter hardwoods to hide scratches, you can always refinish them in the future with a darker stain. When you refinish your hardwood floors to provide them a new lifestyle, using high-quality foam coats can help create increased protection to your hardwood.

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Check for Affordability

If you'd like hardwood flooring in your home but also want to be mindful of your spending, some species will give a valuable combination of affordability and durability. Oak not only offers tremendous durability but is less expensive than many hardwood choices. Hickory will also serve your house admirably while presenting a more palatable cost point. Usually, domestic hardwoods will probably be easier on your home budget compared to exotic hardwoods.
Once you have got the hardwood floors that you love, including area rugs, you will make all the difference in encouraging an active family that will produce spills, wear-and-tear, and standard mess-making. You can search us for the size, shape, visual, and carpet construction that'll fit your house needs. After that, meet Raleigh flooring contractors and experts for all the outstanding products and useful advice we have to offer!