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The common mistakes homeowners make about floor sanding in Raleigh NC

When done correctly, sanding wood floors can dramatically change worn, distressed, tired, and sad wood and restore them to their former glory and have them looking like new again. Aside from the significant improvement in appearance, floor sanding improves the floor's durability, longevity, protection, and hard-wearing power. Wood floors, eventually, will get worn and damaged due to daily use, heavy footfall, high traffic, and several factors that affect the appearance and condition of wooden floors over the years.

Floor sanding in Raleigh is beneficial, but it can lead to disappointing results and severe damage if done wrong. Sanding hardwood floors seems easy, but a lot may go wrong and cause you more stress. Here are some common mistakes that you should know to avoid.

Using the Incorrect Grit Sandpaper. Many homeowners may make the biggest mistake in not using the proper grit paper. Using the right grit sandpaper is crucial in floor sanding. The grit you begin with will depend on your floorboards. If your floorboards have been sanded before and need a refresh, you may start sanding with finer paper. However, you will need to start with a much more coarse paper than you expect in most cases. If your floors have not been sanded before, you should start sanding with 24 grit sandpaper. It may sound very coarse and radical, but you will not be able to sand away the dirt and old varnish completely with finer sandpaper. Avoid starting with too fine-grit as the sandpaper will clog up quickly, making it ineffective and will cost you a lot because you will have to replace the sandpaper more often.

Not Sanding Enough. It is hard to determine enough sanding and over-sanding, and it also varies on every wooden floor. A huge difference will be apparent when you start sanding the floor, as this is the stage where you remove all the old finish and dirt. Once you are finished with this stage, you may notice that this point's progress seems lower. But it does not mean you have to consider you are finished with sanding if you have removed the old finish and all the surface imperfections.

As you may know, most floorboards are not perfectly flat; thus, sanding machines cannot reach all areas and corners in one go. Therefore, you should keep sanding until you ensure the entire floor is treated and not miss any single inch of the surface.

Going Too Hard on Damaged Areas. Many homeowners go overboard in sanding their floors, especially on uneven and deep-damaged areas. Avoid going over these spots repeatedly, or else you will wear away the wooden floor.

Not Calling in the Professionals. If you consider doing your floor sanding yourself, ensure you know what you are doing and have the skills needed. Otherwise, you will end up damaging your wood floors and calling professionals to fix what you have done. It would be best to call in professionals and let them do the job to make sure your floor sanding is successful. Our professional floor sanders in NC have the knowledge, skills, and experience to properly sand wood floors.

You have to keep in mind the common mistakes in floor sanding in Raleigh mentioned above, and it is crucial to avoid them for the optimum result, ensuring you are getting the best for your wood flooring. Contact us today to discuss sanding your floor, and allow us to help you improve your wooden floors.